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 Post subject: Hall of Fame
PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:01 am 
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Here you can view our inductees into our Dick of the Month Hall of Fame

Dick of the Month is a prestigious award at You may nominate ANY one you wish, with or without thier consent. If the winner is a member of the forum, winning will grant them V.I.P. status for the month in which they win. This winner is to be praised on thier dickheadedness whenever possible, and will be placed in our hall of fame.

(no winner) - February 2012

(no winner) - January 2013

(no winner) - December 2012

(no winner) - November 2012

(no winner) - October 2012

(no winner) - September 2012

(no winner) - August 2012

(no winner) - July 2012

(no winner) - June 2012

(no winner) - May 2012

(no winner) - April 2012

(no winner) - March 2012

(no winner) - February 2012

Captain Jerk / Hogsgirl - January 2012
- THIS GUY IS A TOTAL DICK.... AND I HAVE SEEN HIM STIR UP SOME SHIT WITH A PAGE HE DIDNT LIKE, AND GOT OTHERS TO POST AND BASH THIS GUY TOO (Captain Jerk) / She told a sweet story that made one of our very own members sink to their knees and almost beg for mercy. It's ok little rabbit. So...HOGSGIRL (Hogsgirl)

whiterabbit.sharon - December 2011
- You has frava kid. Anybody can spam out fuck yous and mamma jokes (as well everyone should). But you also diss with both creativity and originality. You're gonna do well here. In the mean time, go fuck yourself. (whiterabbit.sharon)

Terry Thompson / Jared Eickhoff - November 2011

John Oman - October 2011
- for several dick moves, but the ones I am going to list is his September 11 Facebook post on 911. Losing 20 friends due to being offensive on the topic. That's dick. AND ALSO for him because he went to WalMart one day and a couple kids began throwing things at his vehicle after he politely asked them to move. John proceeded to chase these children down and take out a skate board in the process. Not only that but another day at WalMart as well he dropped a homeless man off after he requested being dropped off at the interstate which FYI is roughly a couple miles the other damn way.

Tony Pettz - September 2011
- didn't get dick of the month as a popularity contest. I didn't get it by running around just saying some random, fucked up shit, then wandering off when I saw something shinny. I rolled in, sodomized everyone verbally, [i]then[i] wandered off when I saw something shinny. I eat souls here turdling. This is my house. My house is on John's block. John built it, because he's got vision. It's blurred and full of shit. But vision none the less. This month, I own you. Next month, me and whoever gets DOTM owns you. I don't want to see any more of this random, nonspecific, bullshit from you. It's weak. You're getting weak shit, all over my house. You want to roll with us, you better get your head right. You pick a target. You eviscerate that target. Take a minute to look up eviscerate. I don't even know you and I just picked you apart. Do you see how that works? I hope so. Because if you get any more weak shit on my house, or anybody else's house in here, I'll fucking end you. I will grab someone's baby out of the stroller at walmart, drive to your home, and fucking club you to death with that baby. Do you know why? This one's a little trickier than the first time. It's a two-fold answer. It's because you're an idiot. But it's also because I. AM. DICK. OF. THE. MONTH.
Now go change your dirty panties, pull up your big girl pants, and show me some fucking potential. I won't be impressed, but you have daddy issues, so try anyway.


For this post, the author system admin has been awarded dick points by: 2 Amber HollandIBEADICK
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