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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:11 am 
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I can't stand the piety of some people and the absolute ignorance of people that say statements like, "Islam is so bloody Christianity has never killed anyone in the same of religion." First these guys are idiots. They need to crack open a history book. While Christianity doesn't outright call for the killing of people that don't believe what they believe history shows us plenty of national and religious leaders have used it to kill people. If you still doubt me google reformation or inquisition. You will get a lesson on world history real quick.

The reformation started because one crazy idea from a german monk that the bible should be in the common language so that the common man can read it. It ballooned into a split of the church. Lots of people died on both sides because they thought that the only side that was right was their own.

And if you don't think its alive and well this idea in killing in the name of Jesus I have to remind you of the IRA, KKK and skinheads.

Listen no one knows whose right and whose wrong or even if their is a wrong side and that these are all different paths to the same creator just different routes.

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